Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness This law is about connections…to everything that is a part of creation.  It explains that your life matters and that everything you do has a direct impact (big or small) on others.

Imagine a scenario where you are about to exit a building and as you are about to release the door, you see a young woman racing towards you, supposedly late for an appointment. 

You hold the door open for her. She snaps, ‘Thank you and then continues on. Just in the nick of time, she makes the elevator as the doors were about to shut.

Had it not been for you holding the door she would have missed that elevator and had to wait. 

Instead, she reached the floor, got off, made the interview, and later got the job. Months go by, she is able to afford an apartment where she and her daughter can live comfortably. Years later, she moves into her own home and sends her daughter to college.

Same job. Working at the same building…where you held that door for her. 

You, on the other hand, when you watch the woman rush in, you release the door and continue on with your day, not even thinking about how powerful of a good deed you’ve done. You made her life. Had you not held the door open for her, she might have missed the elevator, been late for the interview, and perhaps not get the job.

The Law of Divine Oneness connects us all. It makes us equal. On the surface, we may not think that we are that important in the world. How often do you hear people say, ‘I’m just the average joe or average jane.’ 

Group of friends stacking hands

Your actions, big or small, have a ripple effect in society. As a teacher, I am blessed that I have the opportunity to change lives for the better, to be not only a teacher but a mentor and an inspiration for teenagers who seek adult guidance. With my care and nurturing, they will offer the same to others, and the others will offer the same to even more people.

You don’t have to be a world leader to have an impact on people. You can just be you.

Unfortunately, negativity is also involved in that connection. What if driver 1 doesn’t let driver 2 pass on the freeway, not knowing that driver 2 is desperately trying to rush to the hospital, trying to save a child with a 103 fever?

Abusive dads, result in their kids abusing their classmates.

Eating unhealthy foods, heading to a man’s heart attack and death. Thus, leaving his poor distraught family to carry on without him.

From the simplest things to the most complex, your actions have an impact. Choose wisely. Get your ego out of the way and have a good impact on everyone you meet.